About Us


The evolving of the ideaSince 2012 Right View is protecting millions of devices from breaking . Due to our confidence on the product , the sales pitch is that the product is unbreakable and the LCD is protected even from a fall of 10 ft for multiple times. Customers used to ask back : What if it break? As we are confident on our product we decided to give an answer which made the customer 100% satisfied.

“ Its break protection : If the LCD break, we take the responsibility to change it”

  • Right View group is a company that specializes in manufacturing high quality screen protectors of many different types with a market share of approximately 70% in the MENA region for the full body OEM supplies. We have been in this industry for over 10 years manufacturing high quality screen protectors that are made to provide lifelong protection for your devices.
  • Right view began as a small company in 2012, with a mighty mission to be a leading provider of gadget protection worldwide with the partnership from Landhigh Coop based out of South Korea. Currently we have over 70% market share in the MENA region as OEM and ODM manufacturers for full body protection.
  • We are the suppliers of 19 popular brands in the protection industry
  • We noticed that even with good gadget protection, people were afraid for the safety of their expensive and precious phones. Our innovative/experienced researchers came up with the idea of Break protection, the only brand to guarantee 100% screen protection with our unique 360-degree coverage and flexible indestructible TPU material. We even offer one year warranty to replace your screen free of charge if it cracks while using our product.
What Makes Us Different?
First company to offer complete guarantee of your phones safety
WARRANTY. Pioneers in introducing break protection warranty in the world.
COVERAGE. Up to 99% Coverage. Hence no additional bulk after installation.
10 X BETTER. 10x better protection than any other product in the market.
MULTILAYERED. Only multilayered product with impact absorption up to 10 feet fall.
IMPACT RESISTANC. Up to 4.54 Kg on the device screen.
PREMIUM THICKNESS.420 microns thickness best in its class.
SELF HEALING. Self healing coating with glass feel that heals up to 30 microns deep scratches.
FOR ANY DEVICE.Regardless of the shape of the phone (Foldable, Curved, Bend) break protection can be applied.
ON DEMAND .Product available on customer’s demand.
Our Vision

Our vision is a sustainable future where physical products last longer and life experiences are richer.

Our Mission

We have made it our mission to ensure the longevity of everyday devices, equipment and accessories to minimise resource wastage and create a sustainable ecosystem

Competitor Comparison

Just 299 Standard for all Flagship Phones

100% guarantee for safety of phone

Free replacement of front or back screen guaranteed under warranty

Express home repair service available at a nominal fee.

Repairs are done from Apple, Samsung or other major brands authorized repair centers across UAE

Free home installation when ordered online


Above 500 AED and changes depending on model

No guarantee offered

Additional costs need to be paid from pocket for repairing screens

You have to visit repair centre to get your phone fixed

Accepted only in a few service centers

Has to be done by yourself