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Our Warranty doesn't cover any cosmetic damage other than Front LCD/Back Glass or Camera Glass, water damage or any internal damages.


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Terms & conditions for Break Protection Warranty

Break Protection films are designed to provide ultimate protection to your gadget from accidental drops and falls. While we are confident that our product eliminates any risk of damage, it is essential to note that in the event of multiple drops or falls, we cannot guarantee absolute prevention of external or internal damage to the device.

Your phone's LCD / Back Glass / Camera if protected by Break Protection is covered with a warranty for 1 year or 2 years as per the plan opted.

Please be aware that we warranty LCD and Back Glass. Any internal damage due to the breaking of the phone will not be covered.

Warranty will not be applicable if the LCD is already broken when the sales representative is capturing the video of the mobile phone. Customers should understand that Break protection has the right to reject the warranty claim if the LCD is broken at the time of installing the protector.

The Break Protection Warranty & Guarantee benefits is conditional on that it is not removed from the protected device. In case of removal of Break Protection film, the warranty automatically terminates.

Customers should understand that “Breakprotection” protects only LCD up to 4.6kg and does not impact from the back or side of the phone.

Phone original warranty from customer will expire if the phone is broken.

How to claim if your phone is broken?

Call us on 04 888 6500 for any claims or mail to info@breakprotection.com.


You must comply with the following claims conditions to have the full protection of your policy. If you do not comply with them, we may at our discretion cancel the policy, refuse to deal with your claim, or reduce the amount of any claim payment.

The first thing you must do

Contact us immediately or as soon as it is possible to do when if you have suffered accidental damage that may give rise to a potential claim.

Claims Process

We will take full details of the accident or event and arrange for the next steps to be taken.

We Will

  • Take all the details of the damage or loss.
  • Needful repair or replacement will be done within 3-10 working days of recieving the damaged phone at our store.
  • Pick-up the damaged phone and will deliver the repaired phone at the store.

What we need from you

  • Do not remove the product from your phone.
  • If the Break Protection cover is damaged, as soon as possible get a replacement from the nearest store.
  • If the device is damaged, do not remove the protection till you show the repair expert.
  • In case the damaged phone is an iPhone, please switch off the FMI (Find My iPhone) option. 
  • Please back-up your data to a secured location, while delivering the damaged phone to your nearest store. 
  • You will be required to pick-up and collect the phone from the store.
  • You will be liable to pay 10% of the repair invoice as service charge for the warranty claim.

What you must not do

  • Dispose or dismantle any damaged items as we may need to see them.
  • Go to any other retail outlet other than a Right View Group and/or their designated outlet or otherwise advised by us
  • Do not give the device without backing up data and switching off the FMI option.

Basis of Settlement 

We will repair, replace or reinstate the item insured as new (less any excess). 

If we cannot replace or repair the item insured, we may pay for the loss or damage In cash. However, if we agree to pay a cash settlement, then payment will not exceed the amount we would have paid for the item insured to be purchased from an alternative supplier.

If no equivalent replacement is available then we will pay the full replacement cost or the item with no discount applied. We will not pay more than the sum insured shown on your policy schedule for each complete claim you make. The lifetime replacement guarantee of the Break Protection film and the 1 year / 2 years repair warranty for any external damage are device-specific and cannot be transferred from one device to another.

1. The Plan

1-year Break Protection Warranty:

What's covered:

LCD, Back Glass, and Camera protection guarantee for one year and one incident. Unlimited product replacement warranty.


  • Warranty: Small service charge up to a maximum of 10% of the Cost of product.
  • Guarantee: Customer can get repair or replacement of the broken LCD, Back Glass or Camera glass with just 10% of cost of repair invoice.

2-year Break Protection Warranty:

What's covered:

LCD, Back Glass, and Camera protection guarantee for two years and two incidents.Unlimited product replacement warranty.


  • Warranty: Small service charge up to a maximum of 10% of the Cost of product.
  • Guarantee: Customer can get repair or replacement of the broken LCD, Back Glass or Camera glass with just 10% of cost of repair invoice.

2. When Coverage Begins and Ends

Coverage begins when you purchase the Product and ends one year (365 days)/ or two years (730 days) from the purchase date depending on the warranty plan. You will be provided with a Warranty card at the time of purchase. To obtain your Plan Confirmation, register your Covered Equipment along with details such as your Device IMEI, your personal details and the Present Condition of your phone in our Break Protection application. You will receive a separate Plan Confirmation as an SMS to your mobile number (optional).  The price of the Plan is contained in the original sales receipt.

3. The Scope of Cover

Accidental Breakage to LCD of Mobile phones and Back Glass where applicable. Accidental breakage means an individual loss arising out of and directly occasioned by one sudden, unexpected, unusual specific event occurring at an identifiable time and place. The Break Protection package benefits is restricted only to the device it is installed and cannot be transferred from one device to another.

4. What is Covered?

If during the Coverage Period, you submit a valid claim by notifying Right View that a defect in materials and workmanship has arisen in the Covered Equipment,  Right View will repair the defect at no charge, using a new product. If your device's LCD or Back glass is damaged while using Break Protection, Right View will take the responsibility and replace your LCD and back glass at 10% of total charges. Also, you can have unlimited product replacement for the plan you selected at a service fee of 10%. In case of a repair and any non-geunine parts are detected in the device, we will be replacing it with a suitable similar non-genuine part.

5. General Exclusions

This policy does not cover any accidental damage or any expense whatsoever or any legal liability of whatsoever nature, directly or indirectly caused or contributed to by or happening through or in consequence of:

  1. Any loss due to an Intentional act or willful act, at the direction of, or with your knowledge
  2. Loss arising after 12 months from the date of purchase
  3. Terrorism, war or invasion, acts of hostilities, civil war, acts of foreign enemies, rebellion insurrection and the like
  4. Political Risks Exclusion
  5. Information Technology Clarification Clause (NMA2912)
  6. Cyber Risk Clarification Clause
  7. Ionising or radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel, or from any nuclear waste from burning or nuclear fuel.
  8. Consequential loss of any kind of description including wear & tear, manufacturing defects etc.
  9. Loss caused by incorrect storage, poor care and maintenance, careless use, gross negligence, incorrect installation and incorrect setup
  10. Loss of or damage caused by the Repairers
  11. Loss covered by supplier, dealer or factory warranty
  12. Anv loss of data or software installed in the equipment
  13. Any loss arising outside the Territorial limit
  14. Any item not specified on your schedule as property insured.
  15. Any additional costs resulting in the supply of an item insured from outside of UAE when items are not available in UAE.


  • "Product" refers to Break Protection Film
  • "LCD" refers to the Front Screen of the gadget.
  • "`Warranty" refers ti the Product Replacement warranty.
  • "Guarantee" refers to the replacement of the broken part.
  • "Break Protection Package" refers to Product + Warranty+ Guarantee


When an order has been placed on our website, a confirmation email is sent from the email address sales@breakprotection.com with the subject “Your order [Order Number] has been confirmed”. 

This email contains the order number, details of the product(s) ordered, details of the delivery service chosen, the payment method and the billing and shipping address(es). 

If you have not received this confirmation email within 24 hours of placing your order, please contact us and our Customer Experience team will be able to help. If any order details are incorrect, please contact us ASAP but be aware that it is usually not possible for us to change any details for an existing order. 

Please note that this email is an acknowledgement that we have received your order and is not an acceptance of your order. Acceptance of your order and the formation of (a) a contract of sale for the Products between Right View group and you and (b) a contract for delivery services between us and you, will only take place after the order has been submitted and payment has been received by Right View Group.


All prices of our delivery services on the Website are stated in either AED. Shipping terms are associated with your country and include any applicable VAT or sales tax payable. Delivery charges will be calculated during the checkout process. 
We will not be obliged to supply products or delivery services to you at an incorrect price. We reserve the right to refuse to fill any orders placed based on information that may contain errors or inaccuracies, including, without limitation, errors, inaccuracies or out-of-date information regarding, shipping, pricing, payment terms, or the returns policy. 
We may change the prices of our products or delivery services listed on our website at any time without notice. At our discretion, Right View Group may offer a promotion to reduce or remove delivery charges. Without notice, this promotion may be revoked. 
Any possible import taxes, duties and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs might be prior to buying.


  • The individual cost of the products ordered and the delivery service chosen will be itemised in the email confirmation sent to you following an order being placed. 
  • All available payment methods are shown at checkout. 
  • Upon receiving your order, we carry out a standard pre-authorisation check on your payment card to ensure there are sufficient funds to fulfil the transaction. Goods will not be dispatched until this pre-authorisation check has been completed. Your card will be debited once the order has been accepted. 
  • Please note that Right View Group only accepts payment in either AED, GBP, USD or EUR as specified by you. If your credit/debit card or payment method is not denominated in the currency of your purchase indicated on the Website, the final price may be charged in the alternative currency of your card or account. The final price is calculated and charged by your card issuer or bank or payment method provider. 
  • Right View Group will not be responsible for any cost, expense, charge or other liability incurred or suffered by you as a result of your card issuer or payment method provider charging you in a currency other than the currency set out on the Website. Please check with your card issuer or bank or payment method provider for more information on such charges.
  • You confirm that the credit/debit card or payment method that is being used is yours and that all details you provide to us in respect thereof including, without limitation, name and address details are complete, correct and accurate. You further confirm that the credit/debit card or payment method is valid and the inputted payment details are correct. 
  • All credit/debit cardholders and any payment account holders are subject to validation checks and authorisation by the card issuer or payment method provider. If the issuer of your card refuses to authorise payment, we will not accept your order and we will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery of your order. We are not obliged to inform you of the reason for the refusal for security reasons. 

We are not responsible for any additional charges or other amounts applied by your card issuer or bank or payment method provider as a result of our processing of your credit/debit card payment or another method of payment in accordance with your order.


When ordering from our website, you will be offered our delivery service options once you reach the ‘Place Order’ section of the checkout process. We will use reasonable endeavours to ensure orders and services are sent to the delivery address that you have specified. Right View Group Products cannot be held responsible if that delivery address is incorrect or incomplete. Please make sure the shipping information is completed accurately and fully to prevent any delivery delays. 

If an item is returned to us due to incorrect shipping information or not giving the correct location, we will notify you that your order has been returned to us. Please note that additional charges may be implemented to resend an order if the address is incorrect or incomplete and the order has been dispatched from our warehouse. If your order has been returned to us due to incorrect shipping information or refusal, you will be given a choice of a refund (excluding the original shipping fee) or for your order to be reshipped. Please note you will be liable for the subsequent delivery costs. 

Provided it has been accepted by us, your order will be processed according to your preferred delivery method from those offered at checkout for your selected shipping destination. Please note that our dispatch and delivery partners operate only on working days, and Express orders received after any specified cut-off͛ times on our website will be processed on the next working day.

Orders will only be dispatched once full payment for all products and delivery services has been received by Right View Group. 

Right View Group will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure your items are delivered within the estimated delivery time, but Right View Group offers no guarantee regarding delivery times and is not liable for any delay in delivery. 

Right View Group shall remain liable for any damage to the product that occurs between the time that your order has been dispatched from our warehouse and the time at which we deliver your order to you. You must contact us immediately if there is any visible damage to your Right View Group product(s) on arrival. 

Please note that the estimated delivery time is not guaranteed. It does not take into account any possible delays caused by customs or any issue the courier may have with the parcel. Please contact us if you believe there is an issue with your order’s tracking and we will help to investigate wherever possible. We do our best to accurately estimate when items will be dispatched and/or delivered; however, these estimates are based on several factors over which we have no control. As such, time for dispatch and/or delivery shall not be of the essence of the contract and should be considered as a rough estimate only. 

If you have not received your order within 5 working days after the delivery aim stated in your dispatch confirmation email, please contact us and we will do our best to rectify the issue for you. We will use reasonable endeavours to answer your query within 72 hours, which will allow us time to investigate the matter further.

In the event of a replacement order being sent to you, all replacement item(s) will be sent to you using a tracked delivery service. Right View Group will not be responsible for any items or packages lost during transit or marked by the courier as delivered. mail to sales@breakprotection.com for more.


Once an order hits our systems, it can’t be edited. It’s also very rare that our warehouse can stop the shipping process once they have your details, but if you need us to cancel your order for any reason then please get in touch as soon as you can. We will try to prevent it from being shipped, but please be aware that this is not usually possible. If we do manage to stop your order from being dispatched, you will be credited with a full refund within 72 hours. 

This applies to the following circumstances: Changing the item or size; Delivery/billing address; Adding items to your order; Changing the Shipping method. 

If it is too late to cancel the order, you will need to contact us to follow our returns process. 


Items purchased directly from our website can be returned to us for a refund if the product is not installed or used, or exchanged for an item of equal value, within 7 days from the date of delivery. If your item was not purchased on our website, you should contact the seller directly for returns. Original shipping fees will not be refunded.

  • In order to return an item to us, contact us with your order number and details of the reason for the return. Please note that we will not accept unauthorised returns.
  • Please note if you are returning an item because you have changed your mind and no longer want it, the item must fulfil the following conditions. Note that if these conditions are not met, we may not accept the returned goods.
  • The item must not have been used and must be in its original packaging with the entire contents in original condition.
  • Screen Protectors must be unused. Used Screen Protectors cannot be returned.
  • We do not accept the return of any items which have been personalised, customised, modified or in any way made bespoke for you.
  • Upon our receipt of the returned item, we will contact you to confirm the next steps regarding a refund or exchange. Our Customer Experience team will inform you when the returned order has been received by us and your exchange or refund has been processed.
  • Please note that we do not cover any return shipping costs. Original shipping and handling fees are also non-refundable.

We recommend that you choose a mailing option with tracking for the return package, as well as compensation for lost or damaged goods for higher-value items. If the package does not reach us, we will not be able to issue any refund or exchange. We are not liable for lost or stolen packages during the return transit. Please ensure that all returns are securely wrapped and packaged. We cannot be held responsible for any units which have been damaged in transit.


The goal and established policy at Right View Group Products Ltd is to provide our customers with high-quality products that meet and exceed all consumer requirements and expectations in their design, manufacture and delivery. We have rigorously stress-tested our product in a wide variety of everyday and extreme scenarios to assure high standards of performance and protection. However, this does not guarantee (and must not be read as a guarantee) that our product will protect your phone in every scenario, particularly scenarios more rigorous than normal, everyday use. Our cases do not make your phone indestructible.

Right View Group will not be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential losses arising from the use of Right View Group products. The entire liability of Right View Group and any of its suppliers shall be limited to the amount actually paid by you for the product.

If you receive damaged goods or an incorrect order, please contact us within 24 hours of receipt of goods. Our dedicated team will use reasonable endeavours to respond within 72 hours. In order to process a refund or replacement, we require a full description of the problem and photographic evidence.

In the event of receiving damaged goods, we may request that you return the item back to us for further investigation. The item(s) must be sufficiently packaged to avoid any possible further damage. Should we request you to return the item back to us, please email a photograph of the postage receipt to us. We recommend that you choose a mailing option with tracking for the return package. If the package does not reach us, we will not be able to issue any refund or exchange. We are not liable for lost or stolen packages during the return transit.

In the event of an incorrect order, please provide full details of the incorrect item and photographic evidence. If the claim is upheld, we will arrange for the correct order to be shipped via a tracked service. If you received a damaged or incorrect order, you will not be liable for the re-shipping costs. Please note that Right View Group cannot always guarantee a direct replacement, for example, if the item is out-of-stock, however, similar products or upgrades will be offered at Right View Group’s discretion.


We continually strive to improve, and we value our customers’ views to help us ensure our products and services are consistently exceeding expectations. When something goes wrong, we need you to tell us about it. We aim to handle complaints quickly, effectively and in a fair way. Complaints can be submitted by contacting our Customer Experience team. Please provide full details of the issue you have experienced. If your complaint is due to a product defect, please include relevant images and a full description.

 We aim to respond to your complaint within 72 hours of receiving the email and your assigned team member will contact you to help resolve the issue. We aim to fully resolve any complaints within 5 working days with the best possible outcome. Once the complaint has been resolved we will close the email ‘ticket’, but if you feel it necessary to re-open it, simply respond to the same email thread and we will continue to provide necessary assistance. 

We are always looking to enhance our service and products, and welcome any suggestions that you may have to help us continually improve.



  • Break Protection provides to our customers a range of innovative consumer purchasing solutions, including buy now pay later services through one of our consumer channels.
  • You are responsible for regularly reviewing information posted on the Website to obtain timely notice of amendments to these Terms and to submit your agreement to them.
  • On the condition you have purchased a Break protection product, which has been approved, you will be able to use our BNPL to buy products and/or services (“Products”) with associated offline and online retailers (“Merchants”) using BNPL.
  • BNPL allows you to pay for the total cost of a Product (“Total Amount”) through smaller equal payment amounts which are paid on specific agreed dates (“Due Dates”) as designated amounts (“Installments”).
  • By selecting our BNPL payment option at the checkout page, you authorize us to charge the eligible card you added and provided to us at checkout (or which you later provide to us) over time for the number of Installments that you have added at checkout.
  • Please find the pricing chart for 1 year repair warranty below: (Break Protection referred as "BP" in the table)
    • Break Protection Price 6 months EMI Upfront payment Per-Month Cost 9 months EMI Upfront payment Per-Month Cost 12 months EMI Upfront payment Per-Month Cost
      BP Screen only 199 219 44 29 229 46 20 239 48 16
      BP Full Body 299 329 66 44 344 69 31 359 72 24
      BP Full Body with Bumper 399 439 88 59 459 92 41 479 96 32
      BP Privacy Screen only 238 262 52 35 274 55 24 286 57 19
      BP Privacy Full Body 329 362 72 48 378 76 34 395 79 26
      BP Privacy Full Body with Bumper 478 526 105 70 550 110 49 574 115 38
    • Please find the pricing chart for 2 year repair warranty below: (Break Protection referred as "BP" in the table)
    • Break Protection

      Price 6 months EMI Upfront payment Per-Month Cost 9 months EMI Upfront payment Per-Month Cost 12 months EMI Upfront payment Per-Month Cost
      BP Screen only 299 329 66 44 344 69 31 359 72 24
      BP Full Body 449 494 99 66 516 103 46 539 108 36
      BP Full Body with Bumper 549 604 121 81 631 126 56 659 132 44
      BP Privacy Screen only 378 416 83 55 435 87 39 454 91 30
      BP Privacy Full Body 528 581 116 77 607 121 54 634 127 42
      BP Privacy Full Body with Bumper 578 636 127 85 665 133 59 694 139 46


  • We explicitly reserve the right, at our absolute discretion, to decline your application for subscription at any time without giving reasons for doing so.
  • Customer will only be able to cancel the subscription within 15 days of purchase date as per invoice., After the completion of 15 days, we will not be able to cancel or intitiate refund from our side.
  • Customer can visit any Break Protection store with the invoice and without removing the product (Break Protection film) from the device, to cancel the susbcription.
  • Cancellation of subscription and initiation of refund will be the sole responsibility of Right View Trading LLC. After careful verification and validation of the invoice and claim by the store and Right View Trading LLC, cancellation of Break Protection Subscription and refund will be initiated.