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Break protection is a company which has its roots of developing, manufacturing and supplying to almost 60% of the OEM brands in UAE which is working with an average profitability of 35%. We believe ,that says it all. With a very minimum investment that’s almost infinite profitability.

All you need to have is a Mobile phone accessories business and a willingness to be exploring and growing with us.

Break Protection is the only solution you need to manage your protection business

Accelerate profitability with our brand and operational expertise

We have been there, done that. Our knowledge and foundation are at your disposal so you can start growing right from the start.

Seamlessly integrate the whole process into your shop

We help you add the right support for your business needs. you can quickly launch and scale an additional revenue to your existing business.

Get the help you need, every step of the way

We did it already and we are expanding. Our dedicated team is there to support you for a seamless integration of system which takes just an hour to set it up.

Manage your operations

With our specialized application and user management tools , we’ll help you achieve operational efficiency.

Bringing a service that people love

Our product is loved by many and our strong brand gives you a head start to focus on growing your business

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