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Huawei P30 Pro
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World's Best Smart Phone Protection – Break Protection is the only of its kind protection for all kinds of gadgets with a technology with military tech to safeguard from impact due to accidental fall. The impact dispersion compound in between the sandwich layers of the protection disperses impact force and distributes it to the sides so the impact does not break the glass.

Self Healing Technology – Nanotechnology-based self-healing Technology makes sure that any scratch on the surface of protection disappears after few mins, so your gadget stays new even after many months of use.
One Year Repair Warranty - In case your smartphones suffers any external damage, due to accidental drops or falls, we will be covering the repair charges.

Lifetime Product Replacement Warranty - You can always replace the Break Protection film, from any of our stores, for a small service charge.

360° Phone Protection – Front and back separation design, easy to install, and Edge to edge protection. Break protection is multilayer protection that guarantees your gadget from breaking at any point. 12 layers of protection on a single product give you the best ever protection in the market.

HD Ultra-clear transparency & scratch resistance – Break Protection is designed to help protect screens with Ultra Clear: 100% clarity with remarkable touch sensitivity and preserves the optimal original viewing experience. Scratch Protection: Scratch protection with a smooth, glass finish. Smudge Resistant: The oil-resistant design helps reduce fingerprints and smudges.

Camera & Corner Shields – Break Protection also comes with a Corner & Camera Shields which is sleek on hands but gives ultimate protection. We have made sure that you feel the confidence of break protection by just holding it in your hands.